Rediscover the undeserved underdog–Pittsburgh, highlight non-obvious places in the Bay Area & make Korean students happier.

We are designers and engineers all trained at Carnegie Mellon University. Collectively, we have spent more than 20 years in Pittsburgh and the bay area. Here we share hidden gems that we have stumbled upon in the burgh and the bay. / 저희는 피츠버그와 실리콘밸리에서 공부하고 일하는 한국 디자이너와 엔지니어들입니다. 유학생들을 위해 피츠버그와 실리콘밸리의 맛집, 생활 및 여행 정보, 재밌는 놀거리, 술들을 소개합니다.

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Co-Founders & Editors-in-chief: 맛방랑자 (Bay Area & Pittsburgh), 암모나이트 (Pittsburgh), PApink (Pittsburgh & Bay Area).

Editors: Pittsburgh – 3분요리사, fathy, 번역의 정석 & 오렌지자전거 맛집견문록

Site Admin: PApink.

Picture above: Pittsburgh downtown view from PNC Park | copyright@eunjinlee